Friday, June 22, 2012

Gratuitous Election Countdown Image - 136 Days

Fine Print: Our Gratuitous Election Countdown Images are pre-2008 election images from our image stash. Some are timeless, some not.  Some were used, some not.  All are random and were all scheduled in June.  Image source has been long lost but we're happy to add.  Just let us know in the comments.   We'll post one a day until the Nov. 6 election.  Enjoy!


Reagan Conservative said...

Even I, a self defined conservative from the day I was born, have to say that Barack Obama is a great president. He has taken out Bin laden, who Bush failed to take out, and Gaddafi, who Reagan failed to take out. He is protecting us from Islamic fundamentalist and communists and is strengthening our America. He will definitely win in November.

Karl said...

We are weak on comments, so no complaints here for the SPAM above. Thanks for visiting Ushanka!