Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Somebody is being done a disservice at the moment.

Who would you trust more to provide the objective news - a conservative-biased news source or a commie-leftist news agency?

Here is a screenshot of two web browsers, side by side, open to MSNBC and Drudge.

Taken at 9:52 PM EST.

The MSNBC site was the primary site when we did a generic Google News search.

MSNBC says "Tight Race" and "As polls closed, NBC News declared the race too close to call."

A nail-biter at the channel with no viewers.

Not so in conservative media.  Drudge has Walker ahead by a 61% by 39% margin.

Assuming Drudge is providing unfiltered information as it is available - MSNBC isn't reporting any numbers as of yet - one can conclude the right media seems to be more up-front with the news story of the day.

As if you needed any more examples of media bias.  But do the lefties feel cheated not knowing the real news?  Will they take to the streets ala Occupy to demand their media organizations demonstrate a fraction of the diligence and responsibility that we 1%'ers get from our news sources?  

They are so good at envying everything else.  Why can't they envy our media?


Drudge calls it.  MSNBC is still the top of Google's News and still calls it "close".  59% to 40% close, that is...

UPDATE 6.6 6am:

MSNBC now reports Gov. Walker "emerges victorious" and "survived a furious campaign."  It was "closely-watched."  No mention of the final tally.

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