Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Thoughts - The Prof. Gates Issue - UPDATED

A word about racial profiling. To draw a conclusion about a person's guilt or reason for behavior by the color of that person's skin is bad. President Obama owes Sgt. Crowley, the white officer in the Gates' case, an apology for saying the Cambridge Police Dept. acted "stupidly" when they arrested the racist Gates. Obama knew he didn't have all the information yet he felt comfortable making this accusation.

Harvard Professors. We do not let the Gates incident cloud our judgement or form stereotypes. We believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that there are Harvard professors that are NOT racists.

Damage Control. Obama, Gibbs, etal failed to control the message on a small-time local matter that was resolved before the President made his first comments. Imagine how these amateurs will handle a real issue like the threat, made public, of an Iranian nuke in the hands of terrorists.

Experience is necessary for a challenging job. Sgt. Crowley has it. Obama does not.

Racial History. Yes, there is racial history that plays in this Gates' incident. Not slavery - that's 150 years ago. But Affirmative Action. Prof Gates, like his friend Obama, have lived every day of their lives under a cloud of doubt. That cloud leads to questions whispered (real or perceived?) like, "Did he reach his position on merit, or by artificial quotas?" This treatment is reprehensible and should be stopped. It hurts those capable of competing on a level playing field, and leads to others falsely achieving positions higher than they could otherwise like in academia and national politics.

Role Models. Gates and Obama are both in positions of respect within American society. Both are role models for younger Americans. Both have failed as role models this past week. And likely longer.

Obama's Associates - Judge Him By Them. We added Gates to our list of Obama Associates. Click Here!

UPDATED 7.26: Sweetness and Light have two posts with new information on the racist Gates:

1) Gates runs a charity out of his Harvard's house. He's raised over $200k, but only given a little away. Click here to see who gets Gates' money!
2) You'd think an African-American Studies professor at Harvard would know the origin of the ugly "N" word. Well, think again. Click here to learn more.

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