Saturday, July 25, 2009

Karl's Weekend Reading

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann say "Orwell's heirs should sue [Obama] for copyright" in their Townhall article, Rhetoric V. Reality: Health Care by Orwell. In reference to Orwell's book, 1984, where logic such as "War is Peace" prevail. A few summary-type lines from a an article full of them:

The president assures us that he will cut health-care spending ... by adding $1 trillion to health-care spending.

He says that "health-care decisions will not be made by government" ... while he sets up a new Federal Health Board to tell doctors what treatments they can offer and to whom and under what circumstances.

Obama told the media, "I will free doctors to make good health care decisions" ... by telling the physicians what to do.
The president will "get the politics out of health care" by putting it under government control.

The WSJ editorial board puts the historic moon landing in perspective. The Right and Wrong Stuff:

It took eight years from the time John Kennedy declared we would go to the moon to the day an American landed on it, 40 years ago this week. It was also eight years ago this September that terrorists struck the World Trade Center, the site of which continues to be a hole in the ground and a national disgrace.
We’ve long resisted the notion of American decline, and our country has always managed to overcome its periods of despond. But it is hard not to see in the contrast between the moon program and the failure to rebuild Ground Zero a warning about America’s national will.

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