Thursday, July 09, 2009


It is doubtful readers noticed the cyber attack against the White House and Treasury Department websites this past week. Those sites don't offer the objective information that we, and our blogrolled blogs, do.

Further, was spared attack.

Do you rearry think the single North Korean hacker would attack a site with a hammer and sickle in the header? HA! The commies will hack every other site, then hang themselves with the one site they can't bring themselves to hack. The collapse of the North Korean communist regime will be for the greater good!

From today's WSJ Front Page:

U.S. and South Korean computer networks were besieged for days by a series of relatively unsophisticated attacks, possibly from North Korea, that were among the broadest and longest-lasting assaults perpetrated on government and commercial Web sites in both countries.

In the U.S., the main effect was to disrupt the public's ability to access Web sites temporarily.

From our friends at The Nose on Your Face:

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