Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coming soon to a clinic near you

From Britain's Mail Online:

Parts of Britain are in the grip of a swine flu epidemic today after the first healthy child died of the virus that is sweeping the country.

Chloe Buckley, six, died within 48 hours of complaining of a sore throat and just a day before her seventh birthday.

She was not given the anti-viral drug Tamiflu after her doctor apparently misdiagnosed her illness as tonsillitis.

Some questions:
1) Would we have ever heard of Chloe's death if it had not been related to the swine flu?
2) How will Obama's plan allow patients and parents recover damages?
3) How much will Obama give for a dead child?
4) Can we expect the following statement from an Obama official?

Health Secretary Andy Burnham described Chloe's death as a 'tragedy' this morning but urged people not to worry too much.

'There have been lots of children already having the condition but making a very quick and full recovery. We do have to keep it in perspective,' he said.

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