Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Evening Cigar

We started with a Rocky Patel Cuban Blend maduro...

It wasn't enough, so we continued with a Rocky Patel Edge.

From page 208 of Nineteen Eighty-Four:

Socialism, a theory which appeared in the early nineteenth century and was the last link in a chain of thought stretching back to the slave rebellions of antiquity, was still deeply infected by the Utopianism of past ages. But in each variant of Socialism that appeared from about 1900 onwards the aim of establishing liberty and equality was more and more openly abandoned. The new movements which appeared in the middle of the century ... had the conscious aim of perpetuating unfreedom and inequality. These movements, of course, grew out of the old ones and tended to keep their names and pay lip-service to their ideology. But the purpose of all of them was to arrest progress and freeze history at a chosen moment.

Fiction? Or Non-Fiction?

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