Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Site Changes

We made a few changes to the site today.

The Blogroll Purge

The Blogroll was getting stale. We purged quite a few links to blogs that either disappeared, no longer sync with the Ushanka.us theme, or belong to bloggers that can't find time to reply to a friendly blogger-to-blogger email. We added three that we've been going to on a daily basis for some time:

Mat Rodina. This is Stanislav Mishin's blog. He is a Russian who has a fantastic writing style and who has nailed the Obama agenda better than most US conservatives. His April post, American Capitalism Gone with a Whimper, was what hooked us. He's pro-Russia, but not necessarily anti-America.

John Lott. We read his books More Guns Less Crime, and The Bias Against Guns. He owns our Commie Obama hat, and we're sure he wears it with pride. We met John at the CPAC 08 convention in DC, and have been following his articles through his blog. He is a master of stats, truly objective, and a great source of information.

Museum of Communism. Not a blog, but a deep site full of facts maintained by Professor Brian Caplan. Be sure to take his Test of Communism, if you dare. (link)

New Comrade Survey

Thanks to all who contributed to our most recent survey. It appears we have a consensus on the likely course of action from a tyrannical Obama administration against enemies of the state conservative bloggers:

Our new survey asks if our most pessimistic predictions have fallen short of actual events. Scary.

Commie Obama To-Do List

Be sure to visit our Articles & Lists section to see updates of our new list - The Commie Obama To-Do List. Call us crazy, but we see some similar themes between Obama's policies and those of some previous leaders'.

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