Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Interstate Concealed Weapons

In keeping with our moderate, objective nature, we'll comment on today's vote on the Senator John Thunes ammendment to a Defense bill. Our comment is this: we are shocked, amazed and excited that in today's all liberal all progressive all communist climate, this reciprocity law can make it this close to passing.

Were they so close to rationing health care for only those who really need it that they didn't see the proletarian with the sidearm cross a state line?

Here is the link to the AP report (which we didn't bother to read).

And here is a link to a WSJ opinion piece today from Robert M. Morgenthau, a district attorney in New York. We'll quote below and add our progressive interpretation.

In New York, the state imposes careful restrictions on who may carry concealed firearms. With the Thune amendment, New York and other states would be obliged to recognize licenses from jurisdictions which choose to issue them practically for the asking.

We suggest he rephrase this: "In New York, the state imposes careful restrictions on who may carry concealed firearms. Only donors to the Democrat Party and those with at least one felony can carry concealed weapons in our state. With the Thune amendment, New York and other states would be obliged to let the masses from other, less progressive states carry a concealed weapon."

It gets worse. States like Florida and Texas are willing to issue carry permits to nonresidents under policies just as lax as those of Ohio and Missouri. The Thune amendment would provide a legal backdoor to a New Yorker who does not qualify for a carry permit under New York’s state law. The undeserving local applicant could obtain a permit down South, and then be entitled by federal law to carry his concealed gun around New York.

New York: To where all the nation's undeserving applicants flee.

Speaking from a policy perspective, the last thing New York needs is a federal rule that lets more guns into the state. About 85% of the gun crimes in New York City are committed with weapons smuggled in from those other states that make gun ownership easy. Federal action is needed to shut down the pipeline that brings these guns to our streets.

Don't make us choose between Alaska and New York, Mr. Morgenthau! Alaska has a very cool oil pipeline, and now we find out New York has a gun pipeline!?!

Our only follow-up here is to ask what the percentage of gun crimes committed with 'smuggled' weapons will be if this law is passed. 170%? More? Can we look to other states to get a look at the dire consequences.

The Second Amendment may allow gun possession for home defense under some circumstances.

After the Sotomayor testimony one can imagine our shock to find out there is still a Democrat out there who is willing to suggest the 2nd Amendment is, in fact, established law. But, only "under some circumstances".

Moreover, the National Rifle Association’s paranoia, coupled with congressional cowardice, has resulted in absurd limits on the ability of law enforcement to examine the very inventory records that the law requires gun dealers to keep. That cripples the ability of the authorities to investigate violent gun crimes and illegal weapons dealing.

It was our paranoia that drove us into the arms of the NRA, the ONLY lobbying group in DC whose members do NOT consider themselves victims. Please forgive us, Mr. Morgenthau!

Did Mr. Morgenthau fail to get this piece into a post at DailyKos, and instead settled for the bourgeois readers of the WSJ? You have to accept his premise that 'guns are bad', or else you'll laugh yourself to the point that one of your concealed guns may fall out.

Is he worried this law will result in reduced violent crime in his county, thus leading to a downsizing of his legal staff and tax savings for the local masses?

We didn't bother to comment above on his 10th Amendment argument that the federal government shouldn't impose a law like this on states. We suspect there are proletarian drivers licensed in other states driving on New York's highways and streets at this moment that would suggest this argument is lacking.

We wonder if some wobbly senators are moved by any of his arguments. Or is his intent to sway opinion by the fact he's an opponent who was published in the WSJ? For us, it is a great opportunity to see how the other side thinks, without the filthiness of a DailyKos visit.

UPDATE 12:20EST: Adding CBS video and absurd Daily Kos post found through Google News:

Daily Kos' position: Invite Sen. Thune to the funeral of a police officer who was shot by his department's SWAT team's friendly fire. Senators: vote NO, or more SWAT teams will shoot their own!

UPDATE 12:55EST:Two votes shy of getting the 60 needed for reciprocity. From the AP:

Gun control proponents scored a rare victory as the Senate rejected the carrying of concealed weapons across state lines.
The 58-39 vote Wednesday defeated a measure giving people with concealed weapons permits the right to carry their firearms into other states that have similar gun laws. Sixty votes were needed to approve the provision, an amendment to a defense spending bill.

Last Update - 3:40pm: Vote Tally.

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