Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Brothers at War

Our movie recommendation: Brothers at War, by Jake Rademacher.

Karl and Zhukov traveled to Dayton yesterday to see this movie. Filmed by non-military brother Jake who travels twice to Iraq to understand why his brothers, both Army Rangers - Issac and Joe, do what they do.

The amateur nature of this film seems to add to its authenticity. It starts with family history - a large, typically-American family of five brothers and two sisters. A who's who, and why they are who they are today.

The war footage is real in the sense that it is mostly boring, but deadly otherwise. The movie is politically neutral (thank you Jake), with candid talk among soldiers ranging from shooting the enemy to cheating girlfriends.

You will come away from this movie with a renewed respect for our nation's fighters, and with the rare, personal connection to their families.

We've been told this movie will go straight to DVD. No sign of it yet at Amazon.

Link to YouTube trailer.

Link to Brother At War Website.

Link to IMDb Movie Database.

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