Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Armed Robberies

A rare Gun Rights and Ushanka Babe combo-post!

Two armed robberies. Suspects escaped in both robberies. Similarities end there.

In Massachusetts, a state known for its strict policies against armed citizens, a robbery at a convenience store last week.

Yes, that is the 3 year-old daughter of the store clerk in the video.

In Texas, a state known for its 'liberal' concealed carry policies, a robbery at a Denny's. Via Glenn, the story at Click2Houston.

Officials said two armed suspects wearing bandannas entered and attempted to rob the store. The sole customer in the restaurant, a licensed concealed handgun carrier, observed the suspects enter, pulled out his own gun, took cover and fired at the robbers.

To quote ourself from a July 2008 post:

We won't be happy until America resembles a more mature, evolved and enlightened culture. Like Israel's.

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