Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Something

Today is the supposed march on Wall Street by the Occupy crowd.

There won't be any surprises today. After 6+ weeks of sleeping in tents and raping each other, the Wall Streeters will smell them coming.

Professor Jacobson has a link to a live feed. We're too busy working to watch.

Nice Deb is following the action here, and shares this poster.

Oleg and crew at The People's Cube have joined the lice-infested tent-wetting envy-driven Occupy crowd by contributing their incredible photoshop skills:

Nice Deb also posted this video. The nuanced differences between the Occupy group and our Tea Party:

Reuters is reporting that 50 protesters have been arrested so far.

Probably for rape.


rjp said...

Email Jerry Sandusky the "Occupy Uranus" sign.

Karl said...

Funny. I thought the same thing when I saw that image.

Two stories too close together!