Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Commie Hunt

English Russia has some pictures of commie leaders hunting. Here are a two with faces you may recognize:

These pictures bring back memories of recent US Presidential campaigns. You know, where the Democrats do everything they can to look like conservatives so they have a prayer of winning.

Pretty soon our Dear Leader will be telling us about all the tax cuts, jobs saved, and terrorists killed.

It'll be desperate.

It will be shameful.

It will be embarrassing to those of us who pay attention and know what these liberals progressives communists are all about.

For these reasons we say:

Mr. Dear Leader, we knew Dick Cheney. You are no Dick Cheney.

Some people were born to hold a rifle. For all others, there is the Democrat Party.


Anonymous said...

What the hell do right leaning moderates like clinton and Obama have anything to do with far left extremists like stalin and khrushchev ?

Karl said...

Anonymous - thanks for leaving a comment. Let me address the weaknesses:

1) you're anonymous, so you are not really serious about your question or our answer.

2) Clinton and Obama are true leftists. Yes, Clinton turned right when congress forced him to and he did ok with NAFTA and Welfare Reform.

3) Stalin et al were not extremists. They were leftists but had the ability to force their will.

Have Mom explain these in more detail next time you go upstairs for a sandwich.