Sunday, November 27, 2011

Defense Spending

John Bolton ignores multiple interruptions from a poorly prepared interviewer to speak for us on the coming cuts in defense and the growing threats from Russia and China.

Found at The Right Scoop via IOTW:

Amb. Bolton suggests a coming confrontation from China, but we've already passed that and he knows it.

About 2 years ago a Chinese attack sub surfaced within our carrier group. That means it got past our subs, our anti-sub systems and right up next to our aircraft carrier. That is the definition of confrontation.

And just this past week President Medvedev of Russia said any new missile defense systems in Europe would be targeted by Russia. GeorgianDaily article by Alan Cullison, who've we've quoted from the WSJ in past, posts:

Russia revived threats to deploy ballistic missiles on the borders of the European Union on Wednesday, if the U.S. proceeds with plans to build an anti-missile system there.

The announcement by President Dmitry Medvedev on state-run television highlights growing tensions between Moscow and Washington, which has been struggling to defend the benefits of a so-called reset in relations with Russia.

Here is our suggested 'reset' for Russia - cut all ties, deploy missile defenses wherever it benefits our defense and the defense of our friends, and say in no uncertain terms, "Try to drive another APC into Georgia or any other border country and watch the sky go dark with A-10s."

Full Disclosure: Amb. Bolton owns our hat.


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