Sunday, November 20, 2011

The 99% Win

We bow to the victors, those 99%. We realize now that pursuing profit is an evil calling.

We have dropped the price of our Commie Obama hat by 33% in tribute to the masses and their sacrifices on Wall Street and elsewhere. Braving rape, lice, theft and mockery from the 1%, they slept so we could finally be equal.

We can't pay off their college loans, but we can go out of business by selling our hats at extremely low prices.

Comrades! Help us go out of business and have fun this holiday season.

Buy a hat.

Ushanka Tips: Doug Ross, Chris Stigall, Moonbattery, IOTW, RightWingNews, CrazyUncle

UPDATE 11.22 3pm

Comment from our hat model (See top left of this screen) at IOTW re: the hat:

The pretty hat model retired on top of her game, but you should all buy two hats one for you and one as a gift. Every child needs to be wearing this hat and if you don’t get them one then it is obvious you don’t love them and neglect them. =D

There are some other cool comments there. Those IOTW'ers always set the standard!

UPDATE 11.22 6:30pm

The CommieObama store is sold out of Party Packs and Leninade 12-Packs.

It looks like Christmas will be fun this year for many, despite our Dear Leader's efforts.


inspett said...

A Hammer and Sickle with Obama name underneath ? Man, you guys are so delusional. If you haven't notice the Soviet Union died almost 20 freaking years ago !!! There are no more evil commies plotting to take over America anymore. Stop being so paranoid, get off the internet, go out in the sun and PLAY. I just saying this for your sanity's sake !

Anonymous said...

The Soviet Union may be gone but the legacy lives on with the Obamites including the commissar's friends like Ayers and Wright, his czars and the Occu-Bolsheviks.

Karl said...

Communism isn't a state, it is a sickness that lives on as borders and state-systems adjust.

Either you want to work for yourself, or you want someone else to work for you.

The Communists are in that 2nd group. I see one around every corner. And they see me wearing my very cool Commie Obama hat!

inspett said...

here in america no one is ever gonna force you to work for someone else. sure, obama is a leftist but calm down, whether its romney, cain or obama to be elected in 2012, there is going to be no socialism in the usa. The people will just not want that.
Thats not to say that there are no problems here in America. There are many problems. However, a communist takeover is definitely not one of them !!

Karl said...

correct - a communist takeover like Lenin in 1917 will not happen in America. Do not associate with that theory, as we do not subscribe.

What can happen is a slow dilution of rights to the point that a takeover is nothing more than a whimper. Communism does not have to be a single-day event. Even Marx considered socialism as a first step toward communist rule. Russia was the exception, not the rule.

Are we closer to socialism (and by default communism) now than we were three years ago? Yes or no?

This hat was a political novelty back in its debut in February 2008. It still is a source of fun and mockery today. But it holds another message to a few of my fellow Americans.

inspett said...

Not once in the 20th century has a country slowly turned communist. Every totalitarian communist government in history was either forced upon by a foreign country or was violently created by a bloody revolution overthrowing an almost equally repressive dictatorship.
Both possibilities are impossible for present day America

Karl said...

So not going to give me a "yes" or "no" on the question: are we closer to socialism now than we were 3 years ago?

As to your last comment:

Which do we apply to Chavez's Venezuela: "forced upon by a foreign country or was violently created by a bloody revolution overthrowing an almost equally repressive dictatorship"?

A friend with contacts there told me just this last week: her friend went to the store to buy powdered milk for her and her two neighbor families. The store only let her buy for one family (two cans). She ran home, gathered her neighbors and returned to the store. The shelves were empty.

Inspett - you may feel good about your knowledge of history and comfortable with America's future. I'm happy for you, but I would suggest you don't buy my Commie Obama hat. You are not the target market.

The target market for the Commie Obama hat are those who know their history. Know how food was used as a weapon. Know that man can be quite evil and that history repeats itself. Know that there are those out there who wish harm on America. That's people inside America who enjoy its protections and opportunities. But most important - those who know that mockery is an effective and enjoyable method to convey their disagreement in the political arena.

Thanks to Obama, we are at the mockery stage. Thanks to the hat, we have the ideal tool to mock.

inspett said...

To answer your question.... what do you mean by "we" ? I am not in America.
I would say America isn't any closer to socialism today then when it was three years ago.

In regards to Chavez, although he is taking steady authoritarian actions and is forcing many socialist policies on his country, Venezuela is not a communist regime in anyway comparable to places like Albania under Hoxha, North Korea, Ethiopia under menghistu, Benin under Kerekou (quite a figure I suggest you look him up) etc..

Venezuela is a hybrid between a democracy and a dictatorship.

Although I might not be in the target market for your hat, I am sure there are people who wish evil upon America. As an outsider, though, who has friends from the USA and has been in the USA many times , I don't think big government regulations and possible socialist moves from Obama to be a threat to your country. I think the Mexican drug cartels are a much larger problem.