Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ahh, Berkeley

Nice to see the police draw the line on just how much trespassing, property damage and public urination is allowed. A few weeks late, but the rule of law finally prevails.

It appears by the comments at the video that most are sympathetic to the protesters. That makes sense - everyone else is working right now.

Another reason for all the F**K THE POLICE comments has to do with ignorance. This video is cleverly spliced to only show the police actions, but not the illegal behavior of the protesters nor the warnings by the police. None of these officers will be disciplined because the police version of the video will show warning after warning after warning.

Here is our exchange with someone who is all hopped up after one of Mom's ham sandwiches:

He skipped the racism charge to go straight to the death threat. Well if he weren't a liberal, we'd take him seriously.

Remember these same police using restraint when the great unwashed occupied a bunch of Berkeley trees? Here is an old post by Zombie with pictures from 2008.

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