Thursday, November 03, 2011

The 99%

Dialogue from a forum that we frequent:

Forum Title: Should I accept a Section 8 applicant for my rental?

OP: Just had a call on my house rental. I've never done section 8. I've heard good and bad concerning it. The rental on the place is $1250 and this lady is qualified for $1115 and says she can pay the balance herself. Apparently my rent money $1115 will come directly from the .gov. Seems like a good way to get my rent paid on time. I'm not sure how it all works. Apparently I have to pass another inspection for Sec. 8. I've already passed the regular city inpsections.

It's a nice house. I was surprised that sec. 8 would pay this much a month for a house. I thought it would be for folks looking for more inexpensive places.

I've heard the tennants can be trouble with sec. 8 and I've heard they can be really good because they really don't want to lose their sec. 8 housing and they get kicked out of the program if they mess up.

Anyone have experience?


Respondent: A business partner and I rent section 8 housing and in our 100% experience they will totally wreck the house and steal everything they can....they would take the drywall if they could and they would take the dirt from the garden if possible. Make sure your property has nothing in it that is worth anything and that its a brick house. Make sure the windows are cemented in.

Im sorry for these people but its just a business to me. The fact that I came to this country as a poor ( legal ) immigrant with less than $30 in my pocket does not endear me any the more to the entitlement poor here.

The 99% may be Occupying parks across the country talking about how horrible the 1% is.

Just remember, the 1% (actually the 53% who pay taxes in this country) are talking as well.

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