Friday, October 09, 2015

The End of the GOP. Again.

It is all coming to an end according to the Washington Post

Liberals always talk about "Democracy" as a good thing.  Remember the "German Democratic Republic," or the current "Democratic People's Republic of Korea?"

McCarthy dropping out was democracy.  He knew he didn't have the votes and stepped out of the race for Speaker.  What no one admits: the Tea Party is stronger now than ever.

You'll see in the Campaign's section to the left my MSM videos from the recent election cycles.  In those I post the headlines from the old-media that start roughly a month before the elections.  In each case I've shown proof that the MSM deliberately tries to support the DNC with two themes: pro-Democrat candidate 'headlines, and these 'GOP is in decline' headlines.  I guess they are starting early this time.

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