Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Apparently... Not a Joke

Politico: Kasich lashes out: ‘What has happened to the conservative movement?’

Apparently, this is not a joke.

Kasich really said it.

And the left-wing media jumped on it in an effort to confuse Republican voters.

I suspect this article has doubled Kasich's voter base.

To four.

Four people who either don't know what 'conservative' means, or four people who don't know Gov. Kasich embraced ObamaCare as Ohio's Governor. 

There is too much waste:
Kasich is wasting space in the GOP field,
The Politico is wasting space on the Internet, and
For some unknown reason, I am wasting time on this.
I think I'm going to walk over to the Glorious Hat factory and give an enlightening speech on the Proletarian Rationale for Reduced-Calorie Meals.

UPDATED 10.29.15:

Gov. Kasich bombed in last night's CNBC debate.  Comrade Branco sums-up Kasich's candidacy with this today:

I created the "White Flag Spotting" label many years ago to track all the cartoons of liberals during the War on Terror.  But lately, it is Republicans who are inspiring white flags. 

This, boys and girls, is called "Decline."

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