Sunday, October 18, 2015


I have been struggling to understand the situation in Syria.

Chemical weapons?  US support for ISIS?  Is Assad now a good guy, or a bad guy like Qaddafi?  Will Syria without Assad look like Libya does now that we removed Qaddafi?  Is there any chance Obama won't f**k up whatever he is doing there?  Is there any chance he'll ask Congress (the People's representatives) to endorse his strategy?  Will he ever qualify his statement that US involvement in Syria's civil war is a "national security priority."

Vox has an excellent video on this.  Short.  Simple.  Long overdue.

U/T: FB Comrade Thomas.


Anonymous said...

Assad did NOT use chemical weapons, it has been independently verified that the CIA backed rebels used the chemical weapons. Why is this lie repeated over and over in the media? Vox and Vice, they are shills not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

We were for ISIS before we were against them. Ask John McCain when he met with the FSA, soon to be ISIS. Asking questions like where did all the Toyota's come from driving across the desert in all new gear? And yes, the videos of rebels shooting chemical weapons in propane tanks from howitzers has been documented to disprove the liars. The regime was hoping to play on American's emotions to get engaged against Assad and it didn't work. We were willing to look past the brutality of ISIS if it meant the removal of Assad.

History also shows we never support the Kurds who always seem to be on the right side of things. The Turks aren't going after ISIS either, they hate the Kurds and are using their supposed airstrikes to destroy them.

To take it further, Benghazi was arms shipments going to Turkey to arm ISIS. I believe supplied by Qatar. But that's another discussion.

I see a lot of re-writing of history going on with the Washington regime since Russia has gotten engaged. Because we now have to pick sides, ISIS or Assad. We were hoping by supporting a brutal proxy the American people wouldn't notice our involvement in all this manufactured Arab spring nonsense. The ME is in shambles and our gov't is responsible.

Then there's the Ukraine.....