Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On Location: Wrigley Field

The Cubs are down to the Mets 3-0 and game #4 starts in mere moments.  The Mets are right where we want them!

Comrade Zhukov and I are at Wrigley tonight for the Big Turn-Around rout of the century.  And Comrade Forney will be in attendance! 

Murphy, that f**king goat, that has ruined so many lives, is long dead.  Although he still votes in Chicago and is rumored to support his fellow hooved commie, Hillary . . .

Zhukov and I packed our car earlier today for the drive to the nation's second largest gun-free zone - where our safety is guaranteed by Democrats.  I think we're ready . . .

We were sitting in the car . . .
Karl:  It is 300 miles to Wrigley Field. we have a full tank of gas, it is dark outside, and we're wearing sunglasses. 

Zhukov:  Hit it.

I packed some of my favorite tunes for the trip.

Zhukov and I will be frequenting the Wrigley bars.  We'll be watching the game on TV . . .  just like the Cardinals.

Congratulations to the 2015 Cubs.  No matter what happens this week, it was a great year.

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