Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tab Clearing

TheRightSchoop:  Ohio Governor and GOP hopeful offers to buy bibles for those of us who call him out as a big-government RINO for supporting the redistribution scheme of ObamaCare.  He supported the biggest liberal agenda item since The Communist Manifesto KNOWING that it will lower standards, eliminate accountability, reduce healthcare to a minimum, stifle innovation and increase suffering.  Keep the bible.  I have one.

Here is what government healthcare does.  TelegraphUK Headline: Boy, 6, died 'after negligent doctor mistook him for child under DNR order'.   And here is your furture team of healthcare 'professionals:'

FB Comrade Ben shared this cartoon.  Yep.  Planned Parenthood, like ObamaCare, is less about 'healthcare' and more about redistribution of wealth.  The blood, suffering and organ harvesting are just perks for the liberals who run it.

Last, the people of Roseburg Oregon, home of the recent school shooting that left nine people dead and many more injured, don't want Obama to come dance in the blood at this Friday's memorial service.  They have adopted a Communist tactic, the petition, to make their disgust in our dear leader clear, with over 1400 signatures so far.  (GP)

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