Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NYPD and the Ferguson Bolsheviks

Here are my thoughts on the two NYPD police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, who were ambushed and murdered on Saturday.  Aside from the two murdered police, there is a whole lot of 'gray.'  Please add a comment to tell me what I've missed, or tell me where I'm wrong...


Finally, the Ferguson Bolsheviks found a useful idiot in Ismaaiyl Brinsley (aka Abdullah-Muhammad), the shooter.  Just like Palestinians, Sharpton's Bolsheviks need mentally-weak, suicidal minions to execute their terror strategy.  And, at risk of sounding like a broken record here, the core ideology shared between Palestinians and the Ferguson Bolsheviks is... wait for it.... Marxism. Oh ya, Ismaaiyl worked for Hamas-linked Islamic Society of North America.

The cold war between the Ferguson Bolsheviks and the nation's police is now hot.  God help the protesters Bolsheviks if the police, or taxpaying citizens for that matter, choose to solve this problem.

I agree with the consensus: Al Sharpton and Mayor de Blasio have contributed to a climate that overlooks, and even encourages, racism and violence.  (Photo: WZ)

Obama, Holder, MSNBC and the 72% of New York City's voters who voted for de Blasio are all enablers.  Branco:

The Ferguson Bolsheviks want to dilute the rule of law through terror and violence.  It's a "Bolshevik" thing.

De Blasio would have weathered any criticism for his alliance with Sharpton or his communist inspirations had these murders not happened.  He deserves the mounting anger from NYPD for these positions.

Somewhere, a police department is researching the costs and benefits of up-armored police cars.

Somewhere, an armor company is preparing a marketing campaign to police departments for up-armored services.

Unfortunately, some of the best criticisms of Mayor de Blasio have come from the police union.  Police unions have supported Democrats for decades.  Democrats have supported the destruction of the black family.  The destruction of the black family has created a demographic that snaps to attention when Bolsheviks like Al Sharpton want to terrorize and burn.  Branco:

NYPD officers and their families have lost a lot of sleep this week.  I'm not sure the career is worth it.  Service to citizens is one thing.  Being murdered by a communist terrorist, who has failed every challenge in life and has amounted to nothing, is another.

Somewhere politicians are looking at this shooting as a reason for more gun control.  They will not mention any of the gun laws that the shooter violated when he entered New York City to shoot the police officers.

While the rank and file police have little to do with it, the nation's police forces have militarized in preparation for war against tea parties.  They have created a two-front war: the old war with the common criminal, and a new war with their traditional supporters.  Pick a book listed to the left, any book, and read about the number one cause for premature death: government.  If you want to tell me that is all in the past, please also convince me that history does not repeat.

The Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths had nothing to do with racism and everything to do with resisting arrest.  The Ferguson Bolsheviks claim it is about race, but in reality their cause is against authority.  Last Saturday, Ismaaiyl Brinsley shot a Hispanic-American and a Chinese-American.  Let's call it what it is: "Black-on-Blue" violence.

Oh ya, speaking of Michael Brown.  A new video has surfaced of Michael and a gang-friend beating an older man unconscious.  Kuckledraggin: The Gentle Giant.

Police will have an uphill PR battle.  The murders of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were pure evil and their fellow officers and families deserve peace and respect.  But the proliferation of MRAPs, no-knock raids and more raids, and dead dogs have soiled a great tradition of honorable service.

Nobody will question New York City's policies against civilian concealed carry after this incident.  When a NYPD officer sits in his car on a city street, any confrontation will be between him and the threat.  Unlike nearly every police officer in America, the NYPD officer cannot consider any passerby as an ally with the ability to assist.  Ismaaiyl Brinsley tried to get away and only committed suicide when the cops were onto his location.  In other parts of America Ismaaiyl would likely have been put down next to that police car.

While we were amazed the Tea Party was not the MSM's initial culprit, we we quickly told the murder of the two minority police officers did not have an Islamic connection.  So disregard the video Abdullah-Muhammad (aka Ismaaiyl Brinsley) posted of himself walking to his Brooklyn Mosque, Masjid At Taqwa.

Another rumor suggests Mayor de Blasio can't find a NYPD sergeant to head his security team.  His only requirement is that the sergeant be black.  But I'm the racist.

This is all part of Obama's plan.  He is the Bolshevik leader, and the Ferguson Bolsheviks are his shock troops.

U/T: Gateway Pundit, Weasel Zippers, 90 Miles, Pamela Geller, Weapons Man for their work - linked above. Imagine what little we'd know if we didn't have new-media sources to go to first.

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Robert What? said...

I heard a very persuasive argument that affirmative action and "diversity" are responsible for the increase in shooting of civilians by police. First, there is the accompanying lowering of physical and mental requirements. In the old days when your average cop on the beat was a big, tough looking man, your average perp was less likely to challenge them. Secondly, now that there are so many women and other small-fry on the beats, they are more likely to lash out first and ask questions later when they feel "threatened", which is probably most of the time. Apparently these days "officer safety" of any threat, real or imagined, however slight, trumps all other considerations. That's why you see police shooting and killing octogenarians who swing a cane at them.