Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Don't. You'll Encourage Him.

Don't. You'll Encourage Him.


I'm trying to avoid Ferguson posts.  Long ago I identified the unrest as commie agitation, and nothing has led me to suggest otherwise.


But I can't let this pass.

A black man trolling the Ferguson protesters.  Sure, it is like shooting fish in a barrel, but still.  He stood out there with that sign, and I am compelled to salute his counter-revolutionary activism with a hearty Ushanka Tip.

Found at Moonbattery:

No mother should have to FEAR for her son's life every time he robs a store.
Related: Gateway Pundit reports a black teen said officer Wilson "did his job" at a recent Ferguson Commission meeting held by the incompetent MS Governor.

Common sense is leaking out of the black community, albeit a few months late.  I'm still waiting for a muslim to denounce 9-11.


Comrade Mr. B. tells us in the comments that this is a photoshop.  If so, please redirect my Ushanka Tip to the photoshop guru. 


B said...

"Fake but accurate..."

It is a photoshop, and a damned good one.

B said...