Monday, December 01, 2014

Checking In

I'm back on the clock.  A big THANK YOU to Ushanka's three loyal visitors for your patience during my absence. 

You may think I accumulated vacation time at the hat factory, but you'd be wrong.  We live to work at the Commie Obama Hat factory and time off is highly discouraged.

In fact, I suffered a myocardial infarction two weeks ago and I was off my feet for a few days.  Then I enjoyed being off my feet and chose to stay that way through the Thanksgiving weekend.  I plan to share the experience in future posts as I collect my thoughts. 
It hurt like a mother.
It was over quick.
I am back to normal.
I am feeling great.
I now have one more thing in common with Dick Cheney.


Of all the news these past two weeks, the one that jumped out at me was the quick reaction to the New York Times decision to publish the home address of Ferguson officer Darren Wilson. 

With all the commies and racists in the St. Louis ghetto suburb calling for the death of Office Wilson, this was nothing less than a public newspaper doing their part in the lynching.  The NYT columnists who released the officer's information were Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson.

Achieving a Dan Rather score on the journalistic incompetence scale, Julie and Campbell made their decision in a vacuum.  In a commie flight of fancy, they forgot there are independent thinkers out here using a network of alternative information tools.  People who do not rise every morning with envy and resentment in their hearts, and who prefer the truth over political posturing.

Instant Feedback:
The Ridgewood blog, among others, published Julie and Campbell's home addresses.  Bravo!

GotNews, among others, uncovered Julie's criminal history of shoplifting.  Ha!

And, the FreeRepublic tells us Julie keeps calling the Chicago police demanding protection.

NYT Reporter Julie Boseman:
Assisting the lawless in finding their target, a police officer who did his job.  

Guilty of the same law thug Mike Brown committed 10 minutes before he was put down.

Demanding police protect her after she provided the lawless a police officer's home address.

Could the New York Times continue to conduct business if they screened out all applicants and employees with criminal histories?

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WiseCaveOwl said...

yes indeed. Bosman is, even w/in the universe of noxious NYT shabbatz goyim, particularly repellent. May her grocery bills continue to increase