Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Time to Water the Hippies

The Ferguson Bolsheviks want to shut down tonight's rush hour traffic.  Everywhere. Just like they did in Oakland a couple days ago:

They think a rush hour shutdown will communicate their hatred for authority, the rule of law, people with jobs, and capitalism.   WZ:

The opportunity for an epic photo of timeless proportions is now. 

A lucky comrade could make the Ushanka front page if they combine place + time + large pepper spray can + camera.  Wearing a Commie Obama Hat as you water the commie pinko hippies is overkill, however greatly encouraged.

Imagine a working mother trying to get to her kids' school and being blocked by the dregs of liberalism.  They abort their kids, evade responsibility, and never have to be anywhere on time. 

Now imagine her with a gallon of capsaicinoids under high pressure. 

$19.95, every driver should have one:

This can holds almost a pound of the blistering creation and can envelope a gang of attackers, whether human or not. It can create a cloud to 20 feet easily and allow you to stop the danger from getting anywhere near you. (You can't miss) Stop multiple attackers, gang bangers etc. 

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