Monday, December 08, 2014

I Can't Breathe!

Finally the NFL has come around to support a disease that can hurt all of us.

They have replaced the gay pink shoes of Breast Cancer Awareness - a disease all women know about, even the few who watch football.  The new campaign is for Heart Disease.  A little late for me, but important for all of you!

The "I Can't Breathe" campaign is linked to the Eric Garner death in NYC.  Eric disobeyed orders by the police and resisted arrest (above).  During his arrest he said, "I can't breathe" when the police wrestled him to the ground under the supervision of a black female NYPD sergeant.  He died.  From a heart attack.  (MoonBattery has more facts.)

Some claim he was choked to death (as he was speaking).  That is just stupid, ignorant of the facts of the case, and in some cases racist.  These NFL players aren't stupid.  They have college degrees from the nation's top schools.  They are clearly taking up the Heart Disease cause.

Heart Disease is the top killer in America - for both men and women.  Smoking and obesity are two leading causes.  Eric was arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes, so it can be assumed he was a smoker in addition to being overweight.

The NFL should be commended for dropping their sexist appeal to Breast Cancer Awareness and leading with Heart Disease.  I like the players' homemade shirts.  The pink shoes were too corporate and reminded many of how much of the donated $$'s don't reach the researchers and victims of breast cancer.

I like what I see, and I may catch a game or two this season after all.

It goes without saying... if any of these fine athletes would like to compliment their shirts with a furry Commie Obama hat, the Ushanka team would be happy to donate to the cause.

Photos from WZ.

UPDATED 12.9.14 Noon:

LeBron James jumps on the bandwagon for Heart Disease.  GP

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K said...

This is the sort of thing that reaches the masses - when messages are sent to NFL and/or NASCAR fans, they reach more people in a day that all the bloggers for Liberty will probably reach in our lifetimes.