Saturday, December 20, 2014

I Had a Dream

I never remember my dreams, but today is an exception.

Could I get help analyzing my dream from this morning?
I’m at a Chipotle at a small table reading and eating.  This is a different [better] Chipotle, as I can go over to a buffet and fill my bowl with more chicken and rice.  [Nice, eh?]

I’m there early and the lunch-hour crowd starts to form.  The line goes through the middle of the restaurant, next to my table.

I go to the buffet table for my 2nd refill.  The pan is empty and I realize another person is waiting for a new pan to come.  I step behind her and we share a couple comments on the slow service.  After I refill, I head back to my table.

The line is very long now, but it has moved up against the wall.  Nearly all the tables are taken.  I have a clear path back to my table.  I’m still a few feet away when I notice Michelle Obama.  She is holding a food tray in one hand, and is moving my iPad off the table with the other.  And, she looks taller in person.

I continue to approach and say "I’m still using that table."  She hands my iPad back to me and says “Sorry.”  I correct her: “You're sorry you got caught.”  She squares her shoulders, clearly pissed and clearly capable of kicking my ass, and moves toward me in a hostile approach...
My alarms goes off.

There is no need to analyze why I would eat three meals in one sitting at Chipotle.  I know exactly what that means. 

But what of the actions of, and my interactions with, our dear first lady? 

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