Monday, September 03, 2012

GOP Faux Outrage

If you are a Ron Paul supporter, you may want to read our posts from last December and last January before you read this one.

So we've been ignoring the GOP rules changes story because when it broke, all we saw in our favorite blogs (see left) was that this was a Ron Paul sore loser story.

The assumption: Ron Paul was going to exploit his few delegates to make a stink at the convention.

We do not trust Ron Paul to exit the primaries and join the GOP in the general election campaign, and obviously the Republicans do not either.

Fox explanation sent to us from Ushanka's friend Demitry:

The claim from those outrages is that the Tea Party and the GOP conservatives got screwed.  Really?

The Tea Party was founded on three principles:  Reduce spending, limited government, and strong national defense.

Romney/Ryan will reduce spending.
Romeny/Ryan will reverse the government expansion.
Romney/Ryan will restore America's strong international standing.

It appears the Tea Party has been heard.  The Ryan VP pick is clearly a nod to the Tea Party too as you may recall many tea partiers begged him to run.

What about conservatives?  Are there really conservatives that think these rule changes block their interests?  If so, we haven't heard any specifics yet.

Will Romney/Ryan do enough for the three tea party priorities to the extent we want?  Absolutely not.  We've long come to the conclusion that we will never get a president that will meet our 'extreme' standards.  But is that a reason to be upset?

Remember, it was the REPUBLICAN convention.  Romney is the REPUBLICAN candidate for president. Like it or not, the REPUBLICAN establishment is calling the shots.

Civil War?  Puhlease.  There are some who can't get past the primaries and get on with the general campaign.  There are some who are upset about some minor GOP rules being changed without debate, but who don't seem to be upset when our dear leader does the same with major policy items such as immigration and health care.  Obama has been dictating for 4 years now.  But the Republican establishment, which we abhor, changes some REPUBLICAN rules, and it is civil war?

With over 45 years of watching human behavior, here is our opinion:  Our initial review was spot on.  It is all about Ron Paul.  The screams we hear are from those who were going to participate in disrupting the convention on behalf of the old man.  They got caught.  If civil war was going to happen, the GOP decided to have it in the rules committee rather than at the convention.  

In other words, the Republican party, as it gears-up for a major presidential election, is under attack from two fronts:  The Democrats, and the Ron Paul crowd.

Are they really that much different?

The convention was organized and presented professionally.  It displayed unity and focus.  We think the GOP did fine.  The Ron Paul people should be happy.  The gold standard is being discussed, and change is likely at the Fed.

Between now and the election, we are focused on getting the Liberal Progressive Communist out of the White House in January.  This means we will delete any comments that do not contribute to the removal of Obama.

If someone insists there is more to this, then answer this question:  What policy was a priority before the rules changed, and is not a priority now?

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