Sunday, January 01, 2012

After Ron Paul UPDATED

Supporters of Bachman, Gingrich, Perry, Santorum and Romney all have two things in common:

1) Each is excited about their pick, and

2) Each has a fall-back candidate.  (Ours are listed in order above)

The Ron Paul supporters don't seem to share #2 above.  It is Ron Paul, or F**K YOU!

We're worried about our fellow Republicans.  They are on a dead-end road yet appear oblivious to the coming fast-stop.  What will they do?  Who will they support?

Because there is one known fact: Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee.

We're here to help those fiercely loyal Ron Paul supporters.  Here are some suggestions that come to mind.  We'll update this post with more as we, or others, add more.

A) What other person running for President will legalize pot?

This is a dilemma for our Ron Paul 'Republicans'.  It appears none of the other GOP candidates will legalize marijuana.  So, if this is an important issue, the Ron Paul supporter's next best option is to vote for Obama.  He might even legalize cocaine if the opportunity arises!

B)  What other person running for President will limit the US military's options to the point of a weakened national security?

Another tough one!  The single unknown in the GOP field (for us) is Romney.  The one known in the field that will do almost as much damage to our foreign policy as Ron Paul appears to be Obama.

C)  What other person running for President will pull US support to Israel?

We didn't mean to be so consistent here, but it appears that President Obama is the ideal candidate, after Ron Paul, who gains the most satisfaction from a weakened Israel.

We are here to help, and hope our Ron Paul friends have found this post useful in prioritizing their 2012 picks.

UPDATED 1.6.12

Congressman Paul is known for supporting three more issues:

D) What other person running for President will support the 10th Amendment?

This one is easy.  Gov. Rick Perry.  He was the first governor to sign legislation in support of states rights for Texas.

April 9, 2009:  "We didn't like oppression then.  [our founding]  We don't like oppression now."

E) What other person running for President will 'End the Fed'?

We have fun at Ron Paul's expense (see items A, B and C above), but he and his loyal supporters are owed our gratitude for educating us on the abuse that is the Fed.  We don't hear other candidates discuss this, but we feel confident to say that any of the Tea Party favored candidates are the closest to Ron Paul on this issue.  There are only two now, after the Iowa caucus: Santorum and Perry.

F) What other person running for President will re-establish the Gold Standard?

Like E above, we would say the closest candidates to this act are the Tea Party favorites, Santorum or Perry.  But like E above, we doubt anybody but Ron Paul would do this.

Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul's unofficial spokesman, explains the virtues of the Gold Standard in yesterday's video:

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rjp said...

Personally I think Ron Paul needs to get out. All he is doing a fracturing and confusing voters, a Libertarian is not a conservative.