Friday, January 06, 2012

Indy Blogmeet

[We are knee deep in another capitalist endeavor at the moment, so please excuse our light blogging.]

A quick thanks to RobertaX for hosting another blogmeet last Sunday in Indianapolis.  Always fun to hang with like-minded bloggers, including:

Grouch - winner of our Commie Obama hat contest

...and non-bloggers:

We gave away two more hats, one to Grouch and one to a blogger who said he wouldn't link back to us.

The contest question was: Moral Nihalism, a shared trait among Nazi's and Communists, is the rejection of what two types of values?

Answer:  Traditional Family Values, and Religious Values.

You cannot achieve a fascist or communist dictatorship until the masses are convinced government is both their daddy and their god.

Remember this next time you hear arguments for abortion, infanticide (background here and here), sex education for 4th graders, drug legalization, the marriage penalty in tax policy, etc.

What is the core motivation for these efforts?

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