Monday, January 09, 2012

The Original Tebow UPDATED

Thank God for great men.


Hitler, that Steeler's-loving attention whore, just couldn't let the Tebow go without weighing in!  Via Prof. Jacobson:


rjp said...

I agree, but what happens when the magical novelty wears off?

My comment over at

Teebow is nothing but a fad. When they get bored with him, they’ll move on as after a time it will cease being interesting.

Statistics tell us that teens don’t hold the same morality that Teebow does, so what would be the real reason some 17 year old white cheerleader would take time away from performing fellatio on her buck running back boyfriend, who has “burst”, to ogle Teebow for a few seconds on Sportscenter then go Tweet about Teebow after she wipes her chin?

It’s a fad that somebody “cool” liked.

Teebow is going to have an extremely hard time living up to his code. And there are plenty of people waiting, with their finger on their phone’s camera button, for him to slip up.

Karl said...

My busy schedule didn't let me elaborate, but 2 points:

1) Who cares what others think of Tebow?
2) Washington wasn't no Tebow.

Washington led this nation's longest war - until Vietnam. 8 years of retreats and losses with little positive to show for the cost in blood and treasure/debt. It was his continuous retreating that was the key to final victory. Hard to find another example in history where one side lost nearly all battles, but won the war. Again - Vietnam comes to mind. North Vietnam that is.

Tebow is winning his battles/games, and he has no war. Just a season. Just a career.

Our intended point was this: there are ordinary men, who are men of faith, who are in the right spot at the right time to do extraordinary things. it is almost uniquely American, and almost uniquely Christian. It is as fun to watch as it is rare.