Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quote of the Day

A Facebook friend who should be a speech writer for Romney and Ryan:

Most Democrats are gutless slackers.

They steal ideas at the office, snitch on their friends, call in sick, steal from the company, screw like hogs in a hog lot, and always blame the next guy instead of owning up to their own mistakes.

They resent God, are discontent with whatever they have and make it a point to pervert the young and the weak.

Their favorite mode is to sit around stoned and talk shit, venting their jealousies and fantasies.

Their chief vanity is their learning, usually glean from half read glamour magazines and poorly remembered poli-sci classes.

Their belief system is some vague sci-fi shit coupled with misty derived mythology from pre Christian times.

For some reason most of them are experts on Hitler, but know little about Stalin. 

Their leaders are folks you wouldn't play poker with or trust with an investment.

Their women are either brain dead whores or so ugly that even most lesbians are repulsed.


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