Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who knew, and when?

Ambassador Christopher Stevens didn't know he was being targeted for attack.  He, and three other Americans are dead now.

Libyans warned Hillary Clinton's State Department three days before the attacks.  Politico: Ben Stein has since asked for her resignation.

Those of us who watched hat owner Glenn Beck in the Spring of 2011 had over a 15-month warning.

Maybe members of the Obama Administration should start watching Glenn Beck.

This assumes, of course, that these Democrats would act on information instead of use future attacks to strip us of our liberty.

There are quite a few conspiracy theories out there.  Our instinct is to ignore these, but one seems to stick:  The protests and attacks were anticipated and wanted by this administration.  But when four Americans, including our ambassador, were murdered, it got too hot and our dear leader fled to Letterman.

Have a better explanation?

U/T: FB friend Donald for the last image.

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