Monday, September 03, 2012

Random Thoughts and Predictions - Dem Convention

Charlotte shop owners:

If you want business from the convention attendees, put a hammer & sickle in your window.   If you don't want their business, add a sign: "We do not accept EBT cards."

Charlotte service providers (hotels, restaurants, gay prostitutes, etc.):

Ask for payment upfront, including a minimum 15% gratuity.

Charlotte will be crowded:

We expect a large concentration of militant Liberals Progressives Communists in Charlotte this week.  For this week only, we will refer to Charlotte as the Fulda Gap.


Some attendees will represent unions, others the militant gay-rights groups, and some education.  Watch closely, as our experience tells us:  nearly all will be teachers.  Teachers at the Democrat Convention.  In early September.


While they've had four years to find replacements for the words "Hope" "Change" "Shovel-Ready" "Fair", we suspect they have failed, as all we've heard so far is "Forward".

They got lazy with a super majority.  They thought politics-as-usual was over.

We suspect we will not hear any key words until after a convention speaker introduces a word or two that passes a focus group study.  In other words, attendees won't speak until they've been told what to say.

Affirmative Action:

Affirmative Action will be on display on the convention stage 24/7.  Speakers will be chosen for something other than their message, speaking ability, or success in business or government.

Sandra Fluke:

We hope her parents will attend.

They've known for weeks now.  What kind of parent doesn't attend a national event like this when their child is a key speaker?


We're glad Charlotte The Fulda Gap is downwind, and downriver, from the rest of the country.

MSM, Chavez, Kim il Un and Castro:

Expected statements: "Resounding Success"  and "Big Bump out of Charlotte The Fulda Gap expected", etc.




FB friend and hat owner Doug offers these predictions and advice:

Blame, deny, and deflect, all while attempting to further divide the country by race, wealth, religion, and sex ... should be fun to watch ... C-Span is my choice, that way the networks can't pick and choose who I see, as they did during the RNC.

And MoonBattery has suggested a Mystery Guest Speaker for the Dems.

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