Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Rock Bottom

It is often the case an organization doomed to fail must hit rock bottom before the rebuilding may begin.

People go to AA meetings, Jenny Craig, or some other program.  Companies declare bankruptcy.  Nations surrender in war.

And national political parties follow the same course.  The Democrat Party on this first night of their 2012 convention has acknowledged what we've known for years - their moral bankruptcy.  The current Drudge headlines:

Dems Drop 'God' From Party Platform...
Jerusalem: Pro-Israel Language Removed...
Endorse taxpayer-funded abortions...
DNC Video: 'The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To'...


Like the "You didn't build that" statement, the Democrats have made another major strategic mistake.

Had Obama said entrepreneurs were responsible for building their businesses, those that cheered his statement would still have pulled the lever for him, and he would have avoided the negative press.

By abandoning God as a political party, the Liberals Progressives Communists in the Democrat Party leadership have once again made a strategic decision that adds zero votes while clearly repels otherwise Dem votes.

At a minimum, this call will relegate the DNC to a permanent minority party, and possibly create the conditions for reasonable Party members to rebuild.  It may also doom the Party to follow in their master's (USSR) footsteps and join the Warsaw Pact "on the ash heap of history."

For those who want to argue that Obama and his supporters are not Communists, this is one more example where their words and actions are identical to previous Communists.

On a 'positive' note, they have successfully distracted from today's other news:  Our national debt passed the $16,000,000,000,000 mark today.


They mis-spoke.

"God" and 'Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel' are back into the DNC Platform.

The video of the floor vote to restore these positions appears to be skewed in the Hate God/Hate Israel corner, but maybe those Democrats are just more passionate.

UPDATED 9.5 9:30pm:

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