Monday, August 10, 2009

Swasticas: Rush Responds

Rush Limbaugh responded last Thursday to Speaker Pelosi's outrageous claim of anti-socialist protesters carrying swastikas at the recent rallies. It was a great rant that you can read by clicking here. (link lost - sorry)

Barack Obama is losing the trust of the American people. Another similarity, Obama is asking citizens to rat each other out like Hitler did. Obama's the one that's got the snitch website right out of the White House,, asking citizens to report people who are saying weird, odd things. You know, the White House responds, "No, no, no, we're not taking names here. We're not taking names. We're just taking people who are putting up faulty arguments and refuting them." Well, that's not the intention.
Barack Obama had earned the trust of a majority of Americans. Right or wrong, he was trusted. Those who looked at Obama with clear eyes, however, always knew he was something other than what Obama said he was in speeches and what the State-Controlled Media reported. We knew he wasn't post-partisan. Barack Obama was the Senate's most liberal member. His alliances and associations were exclusively with hard, left radicals. We knew he wasn't post-racial. No one sits in a racially divisive and bigoted church for 20 years without agreement with the message. But people wanted to believe. They hoped love at first sight was the real thing. The American people trusted Barack Obama, but that was then. After Obama's election he has begun to govern, and since he has begun to govern, it isn't just his poll numbers that have fallen. The trust the American people placed in Obama has eroded, and this is key, because if there is no trust with an individual, that person cannot lead. Trust me on this. Obama is losing America's trust.

Photo from Rush's site. Brilliant.

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