Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Evening Cigar...

...and road-trip report.

We did some community organizing in Obama's city. Since he organized the s**t out of the South side, we decided to stay up on the North side where government housing still has roofs, running water, etc.

We then moved on to visit' Mikhail in an undisclosed location deep in the mid-west. Then a long drive home to tonight's Camacho SLR Maduro.

We're still reading Conquest's The Great Terror, about Stalin's Purges. He had to eliminate his main opposition in what only Stalin would likely call 'baby steps' before he could move the purges into full speed. That transition occurred at the February-March Plenum (leadership meeting) where he shared the following thoughts (page 177): socialism gets stronger, the class struggle gets sharper.
He pointed out that the fact of there only being a few counter-revolutionaries should not comfort the Party: "Thousands of people are required to build a big railway bridge, but a few people are enough to blow it up."

Unchallenged, Stalin's philosophy is thus accepted. And the real killing begins.

Can you imagine that ever happening here?

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