Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Best Argument Yet...

We've been quick to point out the flaws in the 'Obama is not a Socialist' arguments. But yesterday, Rush may have made a good argument against.

Democrats are being sacrificed on the altar of Obama's authoritarian fascism. The man is eating his own. We gotta stop calling it socialism, folks, because socialism's lost it's bite and what he's doing is really not socialism anyway. Socialism is where the government owns the means of production. Fascism is where politicians run it but it's privately owned. We are fascists. Obama is turning this into a fascist nation, think Mussolini. Other than the automobile business, some of the banks, they've taken that over and they're running that, but for the most part he's in bed now with the Big Pharma. He's going to be in bed with them and running it, making decisions for the private sector but he's not going to own it. But he's got everybody scared to death.

So fascism is the more apt analogy to what this country is becoming with Barack Obama at the helm. And because it is his party and they are engaged in the biggest and most dangerous political gamble in history, they are betting that Obama's march to fascism and his relentless slandering of America will result in their reelection.

Except the auto companies and some banks...

We are still going to call our Commie Obama Rally Cap 'facisionable'.

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