Thursday, August 06, 2009

Fascism in the US

We hope this will be our only post with this title...

It appears the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has equated those protesting the current health legislation as nazis. From the Speaker's mouth:

It also appears the continuously-campaigning president has created a couple logos to help in his socialized medicine efforts. These images from today's Sweetness & Light:

We found this 3-minute video today on YouTube. Obama's Brown Shirts, by DrDissent:

Found this at today's American Thinker:

We copied this image from Doug Ross' site a while back. Fitting, isn't it?

So, with all this finger-pointing and name-calling, which side is right?

Is it liberals or conservatives who gravitate to leader-worship and a strong, centralized government at the expense of the citizens' rights? We're so busy watching the socialized medicine debate we don't have time to ponder...

UPDATE 4:10pm: Phil Kerpen at Americans for Prosperity offers a rare 2-minute shot back from the right. It appears Rachel Maddow is still trying to explain away the phenomenon that is middle-America's revulsion to Obama's socialized medicine dream.

UPDATE 4:55pm: Rusty at the Jawa Report posted this today:

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