Monday, August 10, 2009

Stripped of the Hope and Change - Updated & Bumped

Not the Hope/Change poster we're used to.

Could someone else be thinking the same thing we do when we wear our sexy Commie Obama hat??

This poster has been seen in our old home town of Los Angeles. Nobody has taken responsibility, but we suspect Nathan Hale, or someone with the same character and values.

U/T: Newsbusters, Tammy Bruce, and Atlas Shrugged

UPDATE 8.4: So an LA/MSM article suggested the only thing missing from the Obama poster is a noose. The momentum on this story seems to be going the other way, and likely with more force with each lib comment. Links:

Jim Treacher has some fun with it.

Michelle Malkin recalls some images of Bush - here and here.

We found the missing noose - here, on Sarah Palin.

And Jim Treacher, in the same theme, suggests "Recursiveness" in his modified poster:

UPDATED 8.4 2:45: Found another at SondraK's site!

UPDATED 8.4 3:45: We couldn't resist...

UPDATED 8.4 3:55: Add a t-shirt to the momentum!

UPDATED 8.6: Cliff Kincaid applies the makeup to Commie Ayers:

UPDATED 8.6 4:50pm: Rusty at Jawa Report posted this pic today:

UPDATED 8.8: We found this several days ago, but do not remember where. Ugh.

UPDATED & BUMPED 8.10: The hits keep on coming! Found more at Moonbattery and FreeRepublic. Here are the most creative:

Our Favorite spinoff:

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