Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Open Carry at Obama's Townhall

We don't condone this at these events, but boy is it fun to watch ignorant liberals (MSNBC) get their panties in a bunch over the lawful display of a firearm.

So how many dead in today's event, now that we know it wasn't a gun-free zone?

UPDATE 8pm: Some commentary on the subject from the blogger at SayUncle:

When Josh Horwitz is not busy losing, he writes at the HuffPo. [link] His latest is that some of those Fascist / Nazi / KKK grand wizards / insurrectionists / insurance company lobbyists / racists / insert code word to induce left wing indignation / tea baggers / mobs / and, say, Emmanuel Lewis (for laughs) are carrying concealed weapons to meetings and such. Why, it seems that there have been a few cases of law-abiding concealed carry permit holders doing just that. This, he says, could lead to violence. Strange that it hasn’t yet.

Only violence I’ve seen is when a black tea partier was beaten up by raging Obamabots who chanted racist slurs and business man assaulted then threatened with arrest.


Huffpo link to Chris Matthews interview of the gun-toting protestor (and Ron Paul supporter), William Kostric. William did pretty good holding his ground with the loser Matthews.

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