Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Dark Side

This isn't Birther or Truther stuff, but "conspiracy" comes to mind. The challenge is to discount these thoughts as fringe and random. Are you up to the challenge? (This is not the typical blog post - you've been warned.)

To put things in context, we'll start with Glenn Beck's recent review of Van Jones, one of Obama's Czars:

U/T: John Lott

Next, Pat Dollard reviews recent changes in law that give FEMA and the US Military new powers over American citizens - in three parts:

Part I
Part II
Part III

Friends, in my first post, I asked you to suspend your disbelief in a government conspiracy and take a trip down the rabbit hole and look at the things that have happened and been put in place that makes the idea of a conspiracy not only believable, but likely.

In my second post, I laid out the tools and authorities that the government could use to bring about a coup to upset the rule of law as laid down by our Constitution. I tried to lay out the “shadow government” that is FEMA, who would have control over all aspects of our lives. I showed you the military arm of the government. All governments rule implicitly through the threat of force. Through USNORTHCOM and its combat hardened troops, the people that gave us Waco massacre and ruby ridge have all the firepower needed to help suppress the citizenry. I also showed you that plans have been drawn up for how to deal with civil unrest by the Army War College, since shortly after Barry became the alleged commander in chief.

Now in this final post, I’d like to take you through the scenarios that are in place, any of which could be used as an excuse to remove the Constitutional restraints placed upon our government.
In light of these theories, Barry’s championing of the South American treaty that would limit gun ownership and trading as well as reloading of ammunition by private individuals, and the House’s attempts at passing bills, including the House’s version of health care reform, that would create roadblocks to citizens being legally able to own a weapon without a federal license, becomes understandable.

Theories aside for a moment, there are some facts that I think need to be considered in context of my postings. First, with few exceptions all three branches of our government are populated with socialists and Marxists that see the Constitution as an inconvenient obstacle to the furtherance of their agendas. We have a potential usurper in the Oval office who has surrounded himself with self described Marxists, Communists, and Leftist activists. And the alleged president himself has more than once shown nothing but disdain for Constitutional governance.

Blog, Truth and Common Sense, has a post this week: "If I were taking over a country, what would I do next? An exercise in thinking like the enemy." An exercise detectives, marketing professionals and our military tacticians ask themselves every day.

I think the election of Obama, who by any serious observer is recognized now as being “polished and handled” by others, was the linchpin that holds the whole effort together. He is great for being the living example of a shell game. Everybody is so enamored with the first black President being elected they don’t look at what he is bringing on board.

So, now that he’s in position, what is the next step?

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