Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Vouchers Are Not Communist

There is a march today in DC at 1pm.

Obama showed his true colors when he, and his ilk in congress, cut off the privately-funded DC voucher program. Once again, the inner-city blacks, most desperate for an opportunity to prosper, vote Democrat and get screwed.

William McGurn at the WSJ wrote about today's DC rally in yesterday's Opinion page:

Tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock in Washington, we'll learn if anything has changed. Two groups -- D.C. Children First and D.C. Parents for School Choice -- are holding a rally at Freedom Plaza, just across from the offices of the city government. As their flier explains, "D.C. families deserve the same kind of choices that the Mayor, City Council Members, and Federal leaders with children have."

The precipitate cause of this rally is the Democrats' passage of an amendment tucked into the omnibus spending bill. Sponsored by Sen. Richard Durbin (D., Ill.), the amendment effectively ended the Opportunity Scholarship Program, a lifeline now used by more than 1,700 schoolchildren to escape one of America's most miserable public school systems. Rally organizers say that the silence from local leaders was a big reason the Democratic Congress felt free to kill off the program.

We wish the protesters luck, and wish we could be there to join them.

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