Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A View Over the Wall

Evan Ramstad writes in the WSJ on Friday, May 22, Gulags, Nukes and Water Slide: Citizen Spies Lift North Korea's Veil. A great piece about George Mason University's doctoral candidate Curtis Melvin's work with Google Earth to map the concentration camps and other landmarks in North Korea using Google Earth.

Melvin and others have mapped Gulags, mass-burial sites, compounds of the elites and other sites with the Google Earth tool. Many of the sites include secret sites that were found after hours of staring at the satellite images, following roads or power lines to remote locations where they then find a guard tower. Fascinating. Imagine if this had been available during the Cold War.

Below is a screenshot of concentration camp Kwan Li So 16. Notice the nuclear testing site just outside the camp's perimeter to the West.

Download the file from North Korea Economy Watch - here.

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