Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taboo: "Socialism"

Goodness. We keep an eye out for lefties calling shenanigans at the few of us that label Obama's policies as socialism, and we get broadsided by so-called conservatives desperate to keep the S-word out of public discourse.

We're starting a new label: Not a Socialist. Click the label at the bottom to see our previous posts on this topic.

Same culprit as last time - link to our retort - with the same non-intellectual critique: Those who speak of the word we don't speak of are "stupid". Yes, AllahPundit at the new, enlightened mainstream HotAir. Title: Stupid: RNC to pass resolution rebranding Democrats the “Democrat Socialist Party”

This time AllahPundit is responding to the RNC's recent revolt against Chairman Steele, insisting that the Obama policies be called what they are - Socialist.

It's as if he calls us "stupid" enough, we'll fall into line and stand by for our marching orders. To AllahPundit we simply say, "Wake up and smell the Socialism!"

We'd leave a comment, but HotAir revoked our account. One of our comments had the name of our cool hat - The CommieObama Rally Cap. Go figure.

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