Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sonia Sotomayer


Ricci v. DeStefano - Reverse Racism case where Sotomayor and two other judges ruled against white firefighters who were denied promotion despite exam scores that placed them at the top. In review at the Supreme Court.

Riverkeeper v. EPA - Supreme Court overruled her 2007 decision stating the EPA could not use cost-benefit analysis to determine technology upgrades.

Merrill Lynch v. Dabit - Supreme Court overruled her 2006 decision "that a state class-action lawsuit was not pre-empted by federal law".




"Elections have consequences", so says Rush Limbaugh. We concur. Let Obama nominate who he wants. But also let the opposition expose this nominee as an anti-constitutionalist who will legislate from the bench. Let's have a nomination process to learn more about Sonia Sotomayer. We'll see if our fellow Americans pay attention.

WSJ: The 'Empathy' Nominee:

In making Sonia Sotomayor his first nominee for the Supreme Court yesterday, President Obama appears to have found the ideal match for his view that personal experience and cultural identity are the better part of judicial wisdom.

This isn't a jurisprudence that the Founders would recognize, but it is the creative view that has dominated the law schools since the 1970s and from which both the President and Judge Sotomayor emerged.

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