Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Mob Rule"

"Mob Rule". The term used in a recent discussion with a gay California gentleman in his assessment of the 52% vote November in favor of Proposition 8. He was comforted by the fact that the California Supreme Court was near its decision to reverse the will of the voters and make gay marriage legal. Oops.

Who here objects to this union?

Apparently 6 of the 7 extremely liberal justices.

Another example of how factions within the Democratic party get screwed by their own. And a respite in the endless attack against the traditional family and values that made this country great.

We'll watch the protests to see which side of this issue, if any, behaves like a "mob".

We'll also encourage California gays to consider moving to one of the gay-friendly states like Howard Dean's Vermont or Susan Collin's Maine.

Couple picture from ZombieTime (with regrets & apology).

Justice picture from Drudge.

UPDATE 5.29:

Zombie attended a gay march on Tuesday in San Francisco. No mob here... Click here to see his report and pictures.

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