Sunday, August 17, 2014

Michael Brown, Feguson Missouri

It was a week ago when Michael Brown was shot dead in Ferguson Missouri.  Here is the recap, with a bunch o' links and pics.


Here is who shows up when a white police officer shoots a black man:
Looters.  The media calls them protesters, but the only things they are protesting are the locks on Ferguson businesses.  Oleg at The People's Cube calls it Spontaneous Marxism.

Race hustlers.  The tired ol Jesse Jackson and FBI snitch Al Sharpton.

New Black Panthers.  Because. Hate.

Anarchists.  Straight from Mommy's basement with any reason to wear a bandana over their faces.

Communists.  Because it ain't civil unrest without them.

Libertarians.  Rand Paul speaks out about the militarization of police.
Anybody and everybody who has something to gain by civil unrest is in St. Louis.


The looters in Ferguson have violated our agreement.  See my February post: EBT: Is it Enough?

I've been waiting to hear from black conservatives for their take.  Check out these videos by David Carroll and Mr. Williams (Dr of Common Sense).

I waited because I no longer jump the gun to defend the police.  I've been numbed by the dog shootings, armored personnel carriers, and this week the standing around while property damage is occurring.  (This is difficult for me, a former MP.)  But in the end it was, indeed, the police officer's right to shoot an attacking robbery suspect and drug user and gang member who was going for the officer's gun.

I waited to learn more about Michael Brown.  Was he a misunderstood young man who was in the midst of turning his life around?  Maybe he had dreams of becoming a doctor. 

From Comrade Diann:


Michael Brown died a thug's death, with his pants around his hips and his ass in the air.

While it might not have been known at the time, Mr. Brown was a suspect in a robbery just ten minutes prior to his death.  Here is the video of the robbery that the Obama administration told the Ferguson Police not to releaseThis was reported on Friday...

...Which means, EVERY "protester" on the streets of Ferguson after Friday afternoon was there for reasons other than the police targeting and shooting an innocent black youth.  Three possibilities come to mind: 1) to hurt or kill cops, 2) anarchy, or 3) free stuff.

Speaking of the looters.... The first batch of 32 that were arrested were all from areas outside of Ferguson.

Michael Brown stole cigars.  The looters stole hair extensions and burned down a Quicktrip gas station.

On Saturday night, the first night with an imposed curfew at midnight, the Black Panther group held a march and chanted "Death to Officer Warren."  They warned they could not guarantee anyone's safety on Saturday night.   The drizzle started around 11pm, and all but 100 or so "protesters" quit and went home wet.

Michael Brown sucked at rap.

As of tonight (Sunday) at 9pm, 32 people have been shot in Chicago over the weekend, with three dead.  Do you know their names?

Jesse Jackson was booed in Feguson.

Al Sharpton was heckled for being an FBI informant.

Another from Diann:


It appears you will get the same thing whether you:
A) protest when a white cop shoots a black thug, or
B) vote for "hope and change."
You Get Nothing.
You Served Your Purpose.

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