Saturday, August 02, 2014

Gaza: Images and Analysis

Were you expecting pictures of dead Palestinian children being paraded through the streets of Gaza? 

 Karl, in conversation with Catherine the Great about Israel's offensive in Gaza:

At least there is one place on the planet where people are thinking clearly.

What I think Israel does when they agree to a cease fire:
1) Get ready for Hamas to break the terms of the cease fire agreement,
2) Surveil the entire Gaza strip by drone and spies, and place every location that shows increased Hamas activity onto the next target list.
3) Give the soldiers of the IDF some down time.

Another reason why this time is different:
Drones and other methods give Israel a full view into Gaza.  Hamas cannot stage photo-op massacres of dead Palestinians to gain ground in the PR battle as they have done in the past.

Another difference this time:
1970's - The Palestinians hijacked airplanes and murdered Israelis.  Israel improved airline security.  Reactive.
1972 - The Palestinians murdered Israeli Olympic athletes.  Israel improved event security.  Reactive.
1980-90's - The Palestinians sent in suicide bombers.  The Israelis built a wall.  Reactive.
2000's - The Palestinians fired rockets into Israel.  The Israelis deployed Iron Dome.  Reactive.
2014 - The Palestinians dug tunnels into Israel in preparation to kill and kidnap Israelis.  The Israelis destroyed the tunnels.  Preemptive.

Why it will be different next time:
I think the conventional methods have been exhausted. The next threat to Israel will be in the form of WMD: Chemical, Biological, Nuclear or Radioactive.  

I'm hoping their switch to preemption is permanent.

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